Call of the valkyries


Call of the Valkyries slots game is a high tech casino game that operates using simple touch screen controls and offers unlimited playing on compatible devices. Playtech developed this slot game after conducting numerous tests to ensure that this slot machine is as realistic as it can be. Considered by many slot players to be one of the best all around slots games available today, the Call of the casino game is a great introduction to high tech casino games that use the latest technology. Take your pick from an amazing collection of Call of the casino slot machines, from the ever popular Call of the Vikings to the technologically advanced Call of the Valkyrie.

Call of the Valkyries slots game is operated on a 9-line screen that includes an impressive graphics overlay and authentic Call of the theme. Playable on compatible mobile devices, take your seat at the gaming station in this Norse myth themed casino game where you will benefit from three bonus features. The first of these is the Call of the Vikings double bonus which is a powerful combination of classic gaming elements such as progressive jackpots and free spinning reels. The second feature is the Call of the Valkyries Skill Stop which is an innovative method of reaping maximum rewards from the minimal usage of skill stop machines.

The exciting Call of the slot machines allow players to choose from two unique bonus features; the Wilds and The Fury. Each machine in the casino offers a different range of bonuses, so it’s entirely up to you to decide how much you’re willing to risk for a chance at a big payoff. With over $1Million available in winnings, you are sure to be well rewarded when you play the Wilds slot machine; a devastatingly powerful machine that offers a staggering 7500 slot combinations. If you’re looking for a casino game that has it all, the Wilds of Call of the Valkyries slots is the one to beat!