Happy holidays scratch


The Scratch-Off is one of two slot games offered by Interplay, the other being the Millionaire Maker. Like the other slot game it is based on a clip art drawing. Happy Holidays Scratch, however, is much different than the other version, it has a Thanksgiving themed slot machine that awards players points for each drawn number. The way the prizes are paid out is quite unique as well.

When you play Happy Holidays Scratch you have three chances to draw the Christmas tree, the gift or the jar. When you do choose any of these options the machine will deduct a small amount from your prize amount. When the amount reaches zero it will re-roll and choose the new prize amount. The odds of winning are increased dramatically when playing with more tickets. At higher winning limits there are nine numbers drawn instead of the traditional four.

The popularity of this slot game can be attributed to the fact that it is a free slot game. While it is not the most popular slot game in Las Vegas it does offer a unique slot game experience in addition to the traditional slot game play. No other slot game in Las Vegas offers such a unique gambling experience that includes a holiday themed game.