Space lights


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The game can be played by either using the mouse or keyboard. You have to hit the space bar in order to start playing. When you win a jackpot of cash, you are awarded with a number of coins, which you have to release to continue. If you want to increase your potential to get big wins slot machine money, then increase the amount of bets. Some of the virtual version also allow you to change your bids at any given time, and some of the slot machines do not require a minimum amount to start playing.

There are two kinds of strategies that you should apply while playing the online slot games. The first one is called the straight pattern, and the second one is called the wheel pattern. In the straight pattern, you have to go through the sequence of symbols in the video slot machine screen. The symbols are arranged in a straight line, henceforth, you should follow that particular slot symbol to receive your reward. If you want to increase your chances of getting big wins, then increase your bet size. This way, you increase the possibility of hitting a winning combination.