Treasures of lion city


The popularity of the Treasures of Lion City slot machine continues to grow with each passing year. This is mostly due to the theme of the game, which is based on a tropical jungle. In addition, there are other exciting features such as the treasure hunt, which promises to be a thrilling game. The Treasures of Lion City slot machines are not only favorites among casino goers but they are also recommended by those who have tried this slot machine in the casinos.

When one chooses to play Treasures of Lion City slot it becomes very easy to tell what the next icon will be, which usually tells you that you have an opening in the jungle to the east. Once one clicks on this icon, they will notice that golden temples, ancient statues and structures as well as underground treasures have appeared below the surface of the table. Once all of these treasures are taken out, you will have to then wait for the jackpot icon, which will increase your winnings depending on how many more coins you have picked up.

The second type of treasure that can be spotted during the play of Treasures of Lion City slot machine is the underwater symbol. Usually, when a player clicks on this icon, a balloon containing a golden lion appears on the screen and float down to the sea floor. If you want to win big amounts of money during the play of this machine, you should collect as many balloons as you can as soon as possible. The underwater symbol also contains a number of icons, which when clicked will cause the treasure chest to open.