Treasures of tombs (freespin)


The most beneficial icon in the Treasures Of Tombs slot machine is the Treasures Of Tombs key. It attracts the biggest payouts (scatter probabilities of 10,000, 250, and 9000). This icon replaces all other icons in slot games and pays out regardless of the horizontal lines drawn. You should always have a pile of three at the start of the round.

When you see Treasure Of Tombs appears above your fold, move your coins to that space and remove all other coins from your hand and re-roll the Treasures Of Tombs. This will multiply your initial Treasures Of Tombs stack and give you the maximum payoff for the round – twelve. The Treasures Of Tombs icon will then appear above your fold once more. Continue this gameplay until you run out of treasures. At the end, the video slot machine will reward you with a prize.

It doesn’t matter what denomination of the slot reels you are playing with, the same rule applies. If you roll a trey, then you must immediately stop and replace it with another trey or you will be receiving a penalty. There are no happy ending if you continue playing without removing your treys from the slots and receiving bonuses/extra credits, so don’t be afraid to keep on using your treys; they will eventually make you rich!