Online gambling in the USA, Is It Legal?


Gambling across the globe has generally been giving an approving nod, with most of Europe offering online gambling alternatives to thousands of punters.  Many Europeans have, in fact, at some point or another tried their hand at gambling. Whether they played a game of bingo or purchased a few lottery tickets, we can attest that many of us have been there. Is it legal to play online gambling in the USA?

When it comes to the United States of America, the situation is a little different. Although it is one of the most advanced countries in the world when it comes to technology, online gambling is still looked down with disdain.

It is, however, legal in some American states, but with many casino sites online facing increasing restrictions and pressure from Federal laws, things are less than fluid.

Online Gambling in the USA and Laws

Online Gambling in the USA and Laws

When you think of gambling, without a doubt, you think of Las Vegas in Nevada. It is impossible not to think of the City of Sin as a gambling mecca. It is confusing for many of us that online gambling is still not legal throughout the US.

When it comes to gambling online, American laws have taken a different approach. It is somehow, still not quite clear which areas of online gambling are still illegal, or if they only apply to a specific sector such as sports betting.

The laws in the US branch out from the Federal Wire Act, which prohibits the transfer of information on betting over phone lines. This was ultimately ruled to be applicable to sports betting in the US in 2002. Back then, it was made clear that all types of online sports betting in the United States remain unlawful.

Some USA states listed offer online gambling with gusto. You must live within that state in order to gamble though.

In general, US gambling laws have undergone a whirlwind of changes. As recent as 2004,  search engines were forced to block all types of advertising pertaining to gambling online. This was relaxed lately.

However, in 2006, the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act tried to make it illegal for online casinos to accept payments via their sites.

Offshore gambling companies have gone around the law and are still offering gambling options to US-based players. It is still a black market to this day.

Are there changes on the horizon?

When President Trump was elected, many gambling circles became optimistic. Trump is renowned for his interest in gambling, even owning a massive range of brick and mortar casinos and has ventured on the eventual liberation of gambling laws.

If Trump were to relax the laws, online gambling would be free for all. However, there is very little indication that this is bound to happen anytime soon. With COVID-19 throwing the world into disarray, there are bigger priorities for the Pontus.

Although this is far from perfect, online gambling continues to be marred in misperception, with players wondering whether online gambling is legal or not. Of course, this varies from one state to another. It is always best that you look into the rules and regulations within your own state, rather than risk signing up to an online gambling site illegally.