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$1000 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins Use code:


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$1000 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
$1000 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins
Use code:

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Casino Cruise Review Ratings

Casino Cruise is an all-time leading online casino, riding the wave of modern change in the gambling industry since last year. It has won many rave reviews from satisfied customers and continues to grow its reputation as a top-quality casino offering innovative gambling games. The site itself is run and managed by EveryMatrix Software Ltd, a London-based company that develops software for hundreds of gaming sites across Europe. The company also provides hosting, advertising, payment processing and game management for its clients.


Casino Cruise offers the best no-deposit-bonus system and welcome bonus package

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to get started in playing online casino games without actually risking any money. Each time you place a bet on any casino game, a certain portion of your deposit will be applied to your winnings (this is known as the “Deposit Bonus”. This is a feature most similar to the “Bankers Cheats” used to raise funds for online casinos.)

The second of the major attractions of casino cruises is the welcome bonus. Just like other casinos, the welcome bonus allows players to “wish” to play at a particular casino for a set amount of money. The casinos pay off the player’s deposit in order to make further wagers. This system of making “wish” payments works perfectly for both sides: the casinos pay the bonus because it is good business, and the players get to participate in casino gaming while gaining something in return.

The welcome bonuses offered by all types of casinos are subject to stringent qualification criteria, however. Only “expert” advisors can qualify for a “wish” bonus, and players must wait a minimum of three months before they can cash out the bonus to their accounts. There are a great many cash bonus offers. These come in the form of a combination of actual cash and value through the use of eCOGRA, or “exchange value”. This simply refers to the way that players who win cash can trade it for points which they can then use towards spending on different online casinos.


Security and safety

Security and safety - Casino CruiseWhen it comes to the question of security and safety, nothing could be more clear and upfront than the fact that the majority of withdrawal and deposit transactions are carried out through PayPal, a secure payment option available from PayPal’s website.

Apart from this, the website and its affiliates also offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal options through popular online payment service providers such as PayPal, Moneybookers or MoneyGram. There are a few drawbacks associated with using these payment options, however.

Most notably, most payment providers impose a 1% withdrawal fee on all deposits, even if they are subsequently returned. For this reason, most online casino cruise users would do well to withdraw all their funds as soon as possible.

Some casinos have a maximum withdrawal limit on transactions. Most importantly, though, most casinos require a valid email address in order to receive deposits and vice versa. It is therefore very important for players to confirm their email addresses when making changes to their accounts, particularly in the case of changes to their travel plans. In addition, players who wish to use alternative payment methods may find it necessary to provide additional information, such as their birth date or bank account numbers, in order to facilitate proper fund transfers.


Attractions of Casino Cruise

One of the major attractions of Casino Cruise is that players are allowed to play games offered by their personal credit card outlets. However, there are some drawbacks to this feature. Namely, there is usually not enough bandwidth on the internet to accommodate the full transfer of a large number of credit card transaction fees, and therefore it can take a long time for the entire transaction to be completed.


In the end, a casino cruise review should be more than just an overview of the games and the bonuses offered by each ship. Rather, it should give you insight into the nightlife on the cruise ships as well as a detailed description of the security measures that are in place to ensure your gambling experience is as safe as possible.

After all, the casinos employ some of the best security measures known, and they expect their guests to treat the sites like they would their own homes.

By providing you with the information needed to ensure the highest level of security is present on your next visit, a review of a casino cruise review website can be invaluable. A thorough examination will help you choose a site that offers you the most accurate information possible and will get you off to a great start on your journey to Las Vegas!